Creativity is my meditation!

Our story

TRAITS is a project offering Creative Meditation Tools! Based on art therapy benefits, our aim is to reach a mindful state using self-expression creative tools.

TRAITS is a french word meaning « lines »; these lines we draw to connect to each other, but more over to connect to our inner selves.

We are convinced that creation is a liberating act that allows us both to escape and to (re)connect to the world but especially to ourselves. We’ve created coloring books and we’ve been developping creative meditation workshops, based on the benefits of art therapy and exploring chakras system - our body’s energy points.

Our goal? Using the language of creation to express ourselves to reach a meditative state of mindfulness.

TRAITS is the union between the creative act, the world, the others and ourselves. TRAITS forges human links, builds mental and outer connexions, and helps us to explore our own personality.

Our Founder


TRAITS was founded by Armonie Bensoussan, French established between Paris & Tel Aviv for 2 years; and also the founder of a digital marketing agency active in the music industry for 8 years. After an accident, Armonie suffered a “PSTD" - Posttraumatic stress. This event has radically changed her life, and led to explore her body & mind under the prism of meditation. Meditation, Yoga and Art-Therapy are three disciplines that have changed her life (and made it better). And that’s why she wants to share them with people.

Her mantra: learn / share / love.


We give workshops based on color therapy « chromotherapy », aromatherapy and lithotherapy to help people reach mindfulness, relax and express themselves.

It can be in small, medium groups (from 5 up to 20 people).

This workshop is fitted to yoga studios, start-ups or business events because mindfulness will help people be: more happy, more focused and therefore more productive.

The workshop usually lasts 1h30 and includes:

introduction to breathing meditation
introduction to color therapy
coloring flow (including aromatherapy massage)
sharing circle
+ People go back home with their chakras coloring book to extend the experience at home !

They feel Zen

« What a wonderful workshop, what a magical evening! »
(Shraddha Yoga Studio - Tel Aviv)
« Meditation, relaxation, well-beeing...Thanks to the great team of Traits & Armonie for this workshop which helped us reconnect to our deep emotions ! »
(Redken / L'Oreal Group - Paris)
For more infos, to book a private workshop in Paris / Tel Aviv, or to send some love: