I am 33 years old, and originally from Paris, France. 2,5 years ago, following an attack I’ve developed a PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  A life-changing negative experience that I’m trying to use as an anchor to build something positive and helpful for others. Today I am a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher. I recently graduated at the School of Positive Thinking Mindfulness Teacher Training. 

I’ve decided to “start fresh” in a city that I love

Cosmopolitan, vibrating, hot, crazy, inspiring, never-ending… This is what inspires me in The White City! But be careful, like most people of my generation living in TLV, I don’t abandon my native country. Should I choose? I want to be a Parisian living in Tel Aviv. A Tel Avivian traveller, without any boundaries…

If I love more than anything human interactions, working in digital for the past ten years helped me explore it as a powerful tool to unite people / cultures / countries. Moreover during the lockdown, this experience have shown us how important digital tools are to stay connected when we are physically apart. I’ve noticed that meditation can be a very “personal” practice. When you begin, coming from our “modern world” you can be scared of any form of judgement. So I believe digital can be our ally to dive into our practice together. 


MEDITATE Reflect Connect

Traits is a creative community using Mindfulness tools to help you connect to your inner self & to others. 

Between 200-500 million people practice meditation today all over the world (Statistics curated by / 2019).

Meditation is a unique practice, helping us to let go of difficult emotions within us, in a healthy purpose. 




Discover this unique meditation program I’ve built for you!

Let me introduce you my “MINDFUL DOSE”! A monthly rendez-vous to meditate / reflect and connect. A gift you do to yourself to keep a healthy balance in your life between DOING and BEING. 

You’ll receive every week via your mailbox mindful contents. 4 contents per month; it can be a guided meditation in video, an inspiring talk with a professional, a creative workshop, made-to-measure playlists to meditate at home, fun creative challenges,  a video of Yin Yoga, a personal coaching session with me…

We will meet, four times a month, one time per week, to create a self-space, a “me time” to explore your inner world, a check for your energy but most important: to recharge! The program starts on September and you’ll receive your mindful dose every monday morning via email. Note that the yearly program includes 2 video-conferences with me.

You have two options: 

One unique dose: You can decide to try this mindfulness kit for a specific month, when you feel a need for extra-caring. 

The yearly dose: You want to try the program for one full year and get 2 months for free! 

Each month your Mindful Dose will be built around a specific theme. Sneak peek of what you will explore: 

September : Being present I October : Inner child I November : Reconnect to your body

Other themes we will explore during the year: self-love, empowerment, Smile, Sound Healing, Power of words…

  • Monthly program (unique box): 25 EUROS / 96 NIS / 27 USD
  • Yearly program (12 boxes): 200 EUROS / 800 NIS / 225 USD

*3% of the benefits will be donated to the charity and non-politic organization offering help and treatments for victims of PTSD and terrorism.





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Armonie Traits

Why practicing Mindfulness at the workplace?

Today, burnout is a huge issue in business. In the US, the cost of mental health represent 3000 billion dollars a year! 

That is why businesses should provide responses & tools to help their employees. 

Mindfulness has a strong scientific background:  Reduces stress & anxiety • Improves memory • Increases creativity • Improves team cohesion • Reduces burnout crises.

More than ever, mindfulness represents a positive transformation that ALL businesses will have to apply to ensure a healthy working environment to their employees.

Improve your employees mental health in order to improve your business financial health…

If these questions affect your business, I am here to help you in this task! We can work hand-in-hand to define a measure-made strategy to improve the wellbeing of your employees. 

They feel Zen



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